Airbnb Management

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IMPORTANT: This product is hosted in Notion, to use it you need to have a Notion Account (it´s FREE to create)

What's inside? 

Management system

To-do list: a quick view of all your tasks related to any management space and your current guests.

Message Templates: a space for information related to your guests in each of their Customer Journey stages: prior to bookings, instructions during their stay, and information after departures.

Resolution Center: track every reimbursement for damage or unexpected cleaning.

Housekeeping: manage your housekeeping schedules

Guests CRM: a quick view of all your current and former clients.

Finance Hub: the financial space to track expenses, incomes, and balances.

Subscription Tracker: subscription tracker with monthly/yearly cost overviews and renewal alerts.

Legal & Tax Documents: a space store all important documents, you need to buy notion " Personal Pro" to upload more than 5 MB.

Inventory: monitor inventory & supplies

Property Renovations: oversee any maintenance works, renovations, or refurnishing projects

Contact Suppliers: manage directory of suppliers



Can I personalize my template?

Of course, that's the beauty of Notion. We create our templates always with an example, but you are free to modify whatever you want.

I need a personalized template, can you help me with that?

Yes! You can email me at

Can I duplicate this template to share with my team or friends?

We are only giving you a personal license to use it. Please feel free to share the template only with your team. 

Do you have a refund policy? 

No. Due to its digital nature, we can't refund the pack if you buy it.

Is this really worth $29 ? 

We’ve spent lots of hours preparing this Airbnb Management system so you don’t have to. $19 likely represents less than one booking of your unit or a monthly fee in another management software tool. If this pack saves you more than an hour (I'm confident it will), this is a positive return on investment.

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Airbnb Management

3 ratings
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